The fundamental criterion for the evaluation and subsequent approval of a thesis proposal is that the research intention be formulated and developed clearly. For this, it is important that what is proposed fully demonstrate what you want to study and obtain with your project.

Below we describe the basic aspects that you must take into account to present and approve your research proposal.

  1. Theme

This is the first step of your research, therefore, you must choose one that you can justify and that convinces the evaluation team.


  • It must be specific and systematized (break it down into questions).
  • It must contribute to the development of the area of ​​knowledge to which it belongs.
  • You must show your interest to investigate.
  • It must be feasible, that is, keep in mind your limitations when raising it.
  1. Relevance

The research proposal must be relevant in terms of knowledge. Therefore, it must be justified within the following aspects:

  • The research philosophy of your program.
  • The disciplines of knowledge of it.
  • The selected research line.
  1. Relevance

Additionally, your proposal must be relevant in terms of the following:

  • Previous research (does not apply to exploratory studies); either to continue them or to take them as a reference.
  • The characteristics of the environment (academic, business, political, social, etc.) for which you need to develop your study.
  • The applicability of the results, that is, its impact on the solution of the selected problem.
  1. Sources of information

The availability of information for your study is one of the main aspects taken into account for its approval; therefore, keep in mind that it is necessary that the sources are:

  • Enough
  • Current
  • Easy access
  • Reliable

And that these also allow you:

  • Reach a better knowledge of the subject
  • Plan your research
  • Identify methods and designs for work
  • Delimit the theoretical framework

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